BS Accounting & Finance


The degree programs overall aim at producing well-trained business graduates who have the capacity of independent thought and work in the business world. Meticulous decision-making and team work are the features that these programs inculcate in the candidates.

Every company has in-house accounting department to track payroll, accounts receivable, and accounts payable and to prepare budgets and financial statements. Public companies may also have an internal audit department. Career opportunities in private accounting encompass such areas as financial accounting, cost accounting, tax accounting, budgeting, accounting information systems, and internal auditing.

At least 45% marks required in intermediate.

  • Admission Fee – (10,000)
  • Semester Enrolment – (12,000)
  • Tuition Fee – (51,000)

A career in business administration and management requires an informed and sophisticated attitude with pertinent skills. Our BBA and MBA programmes are designed to take good care of this. An understanding of the critical issues of the corporate world requires deep analytical powers and updated methodological proficiency. Our courses of business studies are meticulously designed to gradually transform the young minds into the expert professionals of the future.