GC University Lahore visited IAS Gujranwala.

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GC University Lahore visited IAS Gujranwala. 

A momentous occasion unfolded as the esteemed representatives from Government College University (GCU) Lahore paid a visit to the Institute of Administrative Sciences (IAS) in Gujranwala. The rendezvous was marked by a warm welcome extended by Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad, CEO of IAS, along with Mr. Masood Salik, Director of the Elite Group, and Mr. Tanzeel ur Rehman, Principal of IAS. Amidst an air of anticipation and collaboration, the two educational institutions engaged in a fruitful discussion revolving around the formulation of new policies. This meeting not only underscored the importance of institutional partnerships but also set the stage for potential advancements and synergies in the realm of education and policy-making. It was a testament to the commitment of both GCU Lahore and IAS Gujranwala to fostering innovation and progress in academia and beyond.

Prof. Dr. Babar Aziz (Chairman Affiliation Committee), Prof. Shahzad Ahmad (Controller Examination), Prof. Dr. Mujahid Abbas (Chairperson Mathematics Department), Mr. Asif Sadiq (Deputy Registrar), Mr. Mubashar (Deputy Treasurer) visited IAS Gujranwala. They appreciated the infrastructure and resources available for students. They also appreciated the administration and staff members for their efforts in academics. 

In a remarkable twist to this momentous gathering, the Chairman of the Affiliation Committee unveiled a delightful surprise. Gold medals were announced for the academic high-achievers, igniting a spark of motivation and excellence among the students. This gesture not only acknowledged their dedication but also served as a tangible reward for their unwavering commitment to learning. Moreover, the Chairman further emphasized the significance of holistic growth by encouraging the students to actively engage in the diverse array of societies and events hosted by GC University Lahore. This call to participation resonated with the spirit of well-rounded education, highlighting the importance of not only excelling academically but also honing one’s skills, talents, and social engagement. It was a moment of inspiration and aspiration that left an indelible mark on all present, fostering an environment of excellence and holistic development in the corridors of IAS Gujranwala.

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