Department of Psychology


Psychology is the science of mind, brain, and behavior. As such, It becomes very relevant to the well being and smooth functioning of any given society that there should be committed men and women who invest their talent in this field and promote societal harmony through directing the physical energies in the right direction.

Psychology has won the status of a very popular subject these days and this is one of the top priority choices in several university departments as well as competitive examinations. The old myths related with the subject are fast giving way to the new consciousness that individuals who are more deeply aware of the way human mind responds to the challenges of their immediate environment as well as genetic legacy are more apt to take up the positions of responsibility and authority.

University of Sargodha Gujranwala Campus is committed to carry on the instruction in this subject with stress on the clinical and therapeutic aspects along with the teaching of indispensable requisite theories.

 IAS Gujranwala is an affiliated campus of GCU Lahore. GCU Lahore has the unique distinction of starting MA classes in Psychology in 1926, making it the second institute after the University of Clacutta, to launch a Postgraduate Programme at that time. The MA Psychology Programme was launched jointly with the Department of Psychology of Forman Christian College (FCC) Lahore. For a long period of time, the discipline of Psychology remained a part of Philosophy and classes were held jointly till 1961. In 1962, the Department of Psychology was established as an independent Department under the Chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ajmal, a renowned Psychologist, teacher, scholar and mentor.  
FACILITIES   To make education more interactive and to increase the conceptual clarity of the students, formal teaching is supplemented with scientifically designed classroom activities, workshops, seminars, extension lectures, and the use of audio-visual aids. The Department has academic links with numerous organizations including hospitals and Institutes of Special Education for internships and research collaboration.

ACADEMIC PROGRAMME  At present, the Department offers:

  • BSc (Hons.)
  • MSc (Evening Programme) COURSES