Department of Mathematics


Mathematics helps develop logical thinking, philosophical depth and polishes various faculties of the mind including quicker response to the realities of life. Mathematics as a science has existed from times immemorial and the boost it has seen in recent times owe to the revivalist as well as creative work of Muslim mathematicians. Mathematics has its origins in the study of shape and number, and the desire to understand the physical world around us, Geometry, number theory, and mathematical physics continue to be important parts of mathematics, and many fundamental questions in these areas are still unresolved. However, with mathematics one can model biological systems, come to grips with chaotic dynamics and attempt to predict the behavior of complex systems such as financial markets or even the weather.

The subject is still undergoing a volatile development both within the subject, and in interaction with a wide variety of other disciplines. It is used in chemistry, physics, economics, finance, computer science, statistics, linguistics, engineering, and many other areas. There are also more and more computer applications where sophisticated areas of mathematics are working like small miracles.

A degree in mathematics prepares you for a career in many fields, including education, industry, commerce, finance, consulting, or the civil service. Increasingly, employers are appreciating that training in mathematics produces graduates who have strong analytical skills and a well-developed capacity for independent, high-level problem solving.

IAS offers you to join this very aggressive programme of study and become a part of a new tradition committed to the highest level of competence.